Speaking of God, GRACE, Week 1 Day 5

Sally Archambault Speaking of God

What first comes to my mind about this word is “saying grace” at my childhood family dinner table. It was a moment of thankfulness and gratefulness to God for the abundance given to us that day spoken at our evening meal. We said, “Lord Jesus, be our holy guest, our morning joy, our evening rest. And with our daily bread impart thy love and peace to every heart.” So grace was an imparting of love and peace to all present from person to person. I still think of it this way, a gift so freely given to each other. Grace is given and grace is received. But then grace can also be bestowed to us from God, meaning total acceptance for who we are as children of God, no matter what our circumstance or station in life. Each of us is good enough and loved completely when we are open to the power of God in our lives.


Pat Parker


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