Speaking of God, GRACE, Week 1 Day 6

Brooke Eikenberry Speaking of God

What happens when grace is no longer a gift from the old man in the sky, since there is no one to extend that gift?  When we move away from the thousand-year-old image of God to a modern concept of the humanity of all people, what does grace look like?  Can it still be thought of as a gift, and if so, from whom?  Perhaps all that is left of grace is the good things, the good luck, that happens to people.  I live in a loving family with all my material needs met on a more than regular basis.  I am very lucky.  I have had the opportunity to help improve on my luck, with a good education, by living in the best places and knowing a group of people who help improve my life greatly.


Grace has been dissected and analyzed by many over time, usually with a view of being a vertical gift from someone or thing above us to people below.  The vertical character of grace now needs to be replaced by a horizontal view in which people provide and receive grace to and from one another.  When we have removed the vertical element we will be left with a better world for all.  And when you really think about it, that’s what we have anyway.  As a 21st century Micah might have said in 6:8; And what does the Earth require of you?  To seek justice, to show mercy and to walk humbly with our fellow inhabitants. (from Marlene Zimmerman)


Peter Lutz

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