Speaking of God, HOPE, Week 5 Day 5

Brooke Eikenberry Speaking of God

Simply stated, hope is the desire for a preferred future outcome.  However, hope suggests much more.  It often implies something beyond human understanding.  Anthony Bourdain interviewed a couple in his 2013 television show “Parts Unknown”, one Palestinian and the other Jewish.  He asked “are you hopeful?”  She answered “of course!”   Both expressed the desire to build a peaceful community for peace for the sake of their children.  What brings them to express that hope?  Surely it is not the evidence that surrounds them every day.


Hope expresses our deep-seated belief that our understanding is limited.  For all the hubris of humankind, tomorrow, next month, next year unfold in unexpected ways.   Perhaps our hopefulness defines the future in spite of current evidence.


Doug Cleveland

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