Speaking of God, HOPE, Week 5 Day 6

Sally Archambault Speaking of God

Being optimistic by nature, I use the word “hope” often in conversation.  This is the currently used idea to express a wish or desire without any real assurance of getting the result.  As Christians, we are offered a much greater definition of the word “hope”.  “Hope” is an indication of certainty; a strong and confident expectation.  It is a term akin to trust and a confident expectation.


When my wife Carol was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I became witness to a person filled with hope.  Here was someone who lived with the joy and the peace of believing.  Even with the sadness of being told her time on earth was about to end, Carol was at peace.  She had a strong sense of heaven and of a life beyond our earthly time.  Her outlook of peace was evident to family and medical staff.  It was centered on the hope that had been instilled in her early religious instruction and later reinforced with her individual study and Bible studies with others.


Our Christian hope gives us endurance, comfort and confidence in the face of death.  It gives me the strength to proceed with my life without her.  It is so much greater than my “hope” that the weather is nice for next week’s picnic.

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