Speaking of God, HOPE, Week 5 Day 7

Sally Archambault Speaking of God

I am a gardener, therefore I have hope: hope that our garden will not just grow but will reward us with beautiful flowers and a bounty of ripe vegetables and fruit; and hope that each year something in the garden will be better than the year before.  Without hope, or an attitude of positive expectation, I doubt that I would bother with the garden.


Hope allows us to walk into the unknown with an optimistic mindset, to take risks and anticipate positive outcomes.  Hope is a key element in the human arsenal of innate capabilities.  Unless quelled by clinical depression or some other overwhelming circumstance, hope can allow us to see the silver lining of the dark cloud and gives us the energy to keep on keeping on.


As a person who claims a relationship with God I believe that my hope transcends that of everyday life to include an expectation that God’s promises will be kept.  This God-based hope gives me peace and assurance about this life and what will come next.  In this context hope and faith are closely aligned.


My faith is set on a foundation of trust and confidence.  My hope is more aligned with the child within me and imbued with anticipation of something good and perhaps something a little beyond the ordinary.


An attitude of hope is linked to an attitude of thankfulness.  It aids me to consider the best and not the worst in a person or situation, to see beauty over the unsightly and to recognize the cup as half full rather than half empty.


Margaret Payne

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