Speaking of God, MERCY, Week 6 Day 5

Brooke Eikenberry Speaking of God

Mercy, like grace and compassion and of course, love, is a blessed concept but one whose boundaries of meaning are porous and difficult to define. For mercy has elements of all three: grace, compassion and love.

Like grace, mercy often arrives unexpectedly, bringing with it a mysterious gift of joy, forgiveness, and relief from the darkness that precedes it.

Like compassion, mercy opens us to our innermost emotions, our sacred heart where the fears, hurts, and hates we may be carrying dissolve as the balm of mercy enters us deeply.

And like love, mercy can open our souls to the wondrous connection we have with God and all of creation, bringing a certainty to our lives, a meaning to our actions, and a wisdom to our thoughts.

Mercy is not a permanent state or experience, but when we are in its presence, the world is brighter, richer, and more divine. So mercy, like gratitude, is a quality to be practiced and prayed for, enthusiastically and often.

For mercy assists us to be in heartfelt communion with God.


Burke Owens

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