Speaking of God Three


Sally Archambault Community Corner, Speaking of God - Volume Three

The Trinity is about where you see or find divinity. My view differs from the narrow inclusion of three “persons” in one- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I find elements of divinity in the eternal, the finite, and the mysterious.

Some scholars say God is a human creation. But since the time of primitive man there has been awareness that there exists something greater and more powerful. That something has been around since the beginning of time and will be around long after we are gone (the eternal). That something was called God with the advent of language. We created the name, but it existed before it was named and will exist even if that term were no longer used. You cannot “create” something that already exists. But what you do create is your idea of what that something may or may not be. As we grow, learn and evolve as individuals, our idea of what that something or process is may also evolve. We may even consider all living things (the finite) as offspring of that something or process. And, what is still unknown or not yet fully explicable is what I call the mysterious.

Where do YOU find or experience divinity? Is it in love, a newborn child, in nature, that nudge you get, the life of Jesus, the universe, the evolutionary process, or in that quiet empty meditative place? Is this not evidence that the kingdom IS at hand?

See Luke 17:20-21

Dorothy Northey

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