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What Trip Will I Take This Summer?

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Summer is notorious for taking trips. And, with gas prices, airline fares and the cost of many accommodations decreased (if ever so slightly) over last year’s prices, many are taking to the road or air and heading for the beach, the mountain, family reunions, or–well, you name it. In fact, you’ve probably left already!

But summer can be an excellent time to take another kind of trip–a faith trip. Some would call this a spiritual journey (but, since it’s summer, I actually like the idea of “faith trip” a lot better!). The cool thing about a faith trip is that it can be taken anywhere. It can be taken on the beach … in the mountains … on long flights … and, yes, even on “stay-cations” by simply catching a cold glass of iced tea or lemonade, moving to your favorite place in the backyard, and beginning your trip.

How do I take this trip, you might ask? I would recommend beginning by simply asking and reflecting upon a few questions such as these:

  • Where am I on my faith trip?
    • Am I making steady progress in my spiritual growth?
    • Am I having car trouble and waiting for highway maintenance to help me get on my way again?
    • Have I arrived at my destination? (Check your pulse as this would not be a good sign!)
  • What do I need to let go of or begin to continue my faith trip?
    • Have I packed too much baggage with no bell captain in sight?
    • Have I brought the wrong clothes? (check Galatians 3:27 and Ephesians 6:13-17)
  • What will I covenant to do in the next 90 days?
    • Personally
    • Family/Friends
    • Church
    • Community/World
  • What resources will I use or share with others in the next six months?

Now if you’re able to reasonably answer the above questions, guess what? You’ve already left on your faith trip! And why not share your trip with others? Traveling alone is possible but it’s not nearly as much fun. Decide who you’d like to travel with and ask them to join you. Chances are someone is waiting for that very invitation this Sunday in church or in your small group or supper club.

But don’t hesitate too long. Summer’s half over already. And you never know when those gas/air/hotel prices are going up again!

Happy Travels,

Pastor Lee

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