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Wellness Tip #2: Why Your Health May Be at Risk

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By Patty Bilhartz, MD, MPH

Consider a Vitamin D Supplement for Optimal Health. Loving Ourselves to Total Wellness Blog Vitamin D

We talked in the previous Wellness Tip about the benefits of Vitamin D.   Adequate Vitamin D levels contribute to the health of virtually every cell in our bodies and likely decrease our risk of serious health issues.

We also mentioned that it may be hard to get enough Vitamin D from the sun since we are rarely out in the sun without sunscreen, and northern latitudes and cloudy days provide very little–if any–Vitamin D exposure.

Many Vitamin D experts believe that it is very difficult for virtually anyone to get enough Vitamin D without taking a daily supplement.  They feel that many people are Vitamin D deficient and don’t realize it.

Low Vitamin D levels can put us at risk for suboptimal wellness. I have studied this subject in great detail, because I feel that it was my low Vitamin D levels that put me at significant risk for developing multiple sclerosis.

As a result, I believe that it is very important for us to know our levels of Vitamin D so that we can make a wise choice about whether to take a Vitamin D supplement, and what daily dose we should be taking.

The Experiment:  Ask your health care provider to check your Vitamin D level with a blood test.  You can also check your levels with a home kit (https://www.vitamindcouncil.org).  Most informed providers will want your level to be between 40-60+ ng/mL (make sure you get a copy of your results, so you know what your actual number is!).  If it is low, you will need to work with your provider as to the best Vitamin D supplement you should take to bring your levels up and keep them where they need to be for optimal health.

Silence Your Inner Critic: You may think that you don’t have time for a blood test or you don’t like to be poked with a needle. Let those thoughts pass with a gentle breath.  You can do this experiment! Your unimportant thoughts don’t have to rule your health.

Rock Our World with Your Comments:  After you get your levels tested, let us know by posting in the comments on this blog what they were and what your health care provider recommended.

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