Volunteer Staff

Audio/Visual Team

This team is responsible for all audio/visual media for the church. This team puts together the media presentations for church services. They coordinate and arrange slides to coincide with each worship service. They operate the sound boards and video equipment, and oversee A/V equipment, including microphones. They also produce podcasts and video clips presented on the church’s website, and manage the church’s Youtube channel.

Chair: Don and Pat Hitchcock  dnhitchcock@sbcglobal.net

Church Computer Information Network (CCIN) Committee

Don HitchcockThis is the church’s Technical Support team. They are responsible for maintenance of church’s computers, network, and software. This team also reviews and researches hardware and software upgrades (back office systems and office support systems).

Chair: Don Hitchcock dhitchcockmd@sbcglobal.net

Grapevine Team

Jan GerenThe Grapevine Team is responsible for preparing the Grapevine newsletter for US Mail delivery. They attach the address labels to the Grapevine and offering envelopes, stuff the inserts and fold the newsletter. Then the Grapevines are counted, sorted by zip code and put in trays supplied by the post office. They are then delivered to the bulk-mailing center at the post office.

Chair: Jan Geren  janicekgeren707@gmail.com


This team coordinates ushers and greeters for Sunday services. They foster the outward-focused welcoming for church members and visitors alike.

Chair: Jan Amoroso  jwhitmer04@yahoo.com or (707) 280.5526 and Dottie Lee  robaklee@gmail.com or (707) 257-7134.


The librarian maintains the church’s library, keeping a log of its contents.

Chair: Sue Brooks

Worship Committee

Pat HitchcockThe Worship Committee helps plan the details for each worship service – from music selections to graphics.

Chair: Pat Hitchcock dnhitchcock@sbcglobal.net