Silent Meditation

Monday, 5:30pm

Napa Methodist Church candle for meditationCome sit silently for 30 minutes of silent meditation. It is a time of relaxing the mind from the constant rush of thoughts that travel through it.

Silent meditation has been around for thousands of years and is documented to significantly lower stress. It can also deepen personal awareness through gentle concentration.

Meditation can be very individual. Start slow for short periods. Be patient. Many work on developing a daily practice that is rewarding.

All levels of meditation practice are welcomed to this simple period of sitting in silence with focus on the breath or a sacred word of one’s own choosing. Come to the beautiful Napa Methodist Church sanctuary to try it out.

Peter Scaturro, the leader of this group, has been practicing meditation for over 28 years and enjoys attending 5 day silent retreats when he can. You may contact Peter Scaturro at or (707) 299-8652.