Dianne Mahler

Dianne Mahler – Office Manager

(707) 253-1411
Email: office@napamethodist.org

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Dianne Mahler has been with Napa Methodist Church for over 10 years. She began working in her grandmother’s Real Estate and Insurance business when she was just 12 years old and credits this early experience and training with her dedication to customer service. Throughout her career she has primarily worked for small businesses, medical and chiropractic offices, even though when she was in college she said the last place she’d ever want to be was behind a desk! Dianne spends a lot of her off work hours with her large family. With two grown children and their spouses and six grandchildren there is always something fun to do. She states working at her church is her favorite job she’s ever had because of the people she serves.

Keith Calara

Keith Calara – Director of Youth and Family Ministries

(714) 322-0489
Email: keith.calara@napamethodist.org

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Keith Calara came to Napa Methodist Church after serving as a youth and young adult minister in a Filipino-Canadian Methodist church in Toronto, ON. While in Toronto, he concentrated mostly on youth and young adult leadership development, looking to raise the next generation of leaders for the church. Before plunging into youth ministry in 2011 he worked as a political consultant in San Francisco, working with local political candidates and national elected officials, but he left the field after realizing that the lifestyle and sacrifices that came with the profession did not align with what he wanted out of life. As a lover of music, he still serves as a musician at the Fusion Worship Experience and regularly participates as one of the service’s preachers. Aside from serving the church, Keith is in the process of completing a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. Outside of the church you’ll likely find him enjoying a cup of coffee downtown.

>Vicki Poli

Vicki Poli – Director of Children’s Ministries

Email: vicki.poli@napamethodist.org

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Vicki Poli has been part of the children’s ministry at Napa Methodist Church for over 10 years. She finds fulfillment helping our children discover the joy of the love of God and Jesus and helping them on their faith journey. Her primary goal is to let our children know that God’s love is there for them no matter what. She also fosters the belief that faith put into action can change the world. When Vicki is not planning the next lesson or researching our next fantastic vacation bible school adventure, she spends her work day at the county of Napa in the Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk office. She also volunteers and serves on the council for Job’s Daughters, a non-profit service organization affiliated with the Masonic organization. The rest of her free time is spent with her grandchildren and children. Vicki loves being surrounded by children and believes that there is “nothing better than to be surrounded by children laughing, smiling and learning about God’s love and how each and every one of us is a beloved child of God.”

Juliane Poirier

Juliane Poirier – Communications Manager

(707) 253-1411
Email: media@napamethodist.org

Jan Lanterman

Jan Lanterman – Music Director

Email: jan.lanterman@napamethodist.org

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Jan Lanterman has been director of music at Napa Methodist Church since 1973; she swears she started in this position at age 3, but some of us have been around long enough to know better…. A description of her life might read, “All music, all the time!” She is also artistic director of Napa Valley Choral Society and Sing Napa Valley! and is executive secretary of the California branch of the American Choral Directors Association. She is the mother of a grown son, Rob, and has two granddaughters, Michele Querin and Shelby Lanterman.

Diane Levorsen

Diane Kapp Levorsen – Handbell Choir Director

Email: office@napamethodist.org

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Diane came to Napa Methodist Church in 1998 and shared directing with Bill Hanna. Her handbell career started in 1974 when her church, St. Mark’s United Methodist in San Diego, purchased a set. She joined the first ringing group and fell in love with the sound of the instrument. A year later she started directing and then touring with the Jubilee Ringers, a group of high school and college ringers. Her ringing philosophy is: ARFF – Always Ring For Fun!