Napa Creek Manor

In the early 1980’s, our church sponsored and saw to fruition the building of Napa Creek Manor; an 84 unit, low income housing complex for seniors of our community. The oversight of this apartment complex continues to be a nine member Board of Directors; six of whom are members of our church and three members from the community.

Each board member serves for three years, so that every year we are looking for future board members.

Current Board Members:

  • Doug Cleveland
  • Jean Hasser
  • Bruce Ketron
  • Joan Krumenacker
  • Larry Pasero
  • Dave Feury
  • Michael Archer
  • opening

If you wish to know more about the role and responsibilities of being a Board member, please see any of us listed above. If we ask you to join the Board, please listen with an open heart.

You bond with your fellow Board members, you admire and appreciate the dedicated staff at Napa Creek Manor and it is a rewarding experience to provide a remarkable living experience for many seniors.